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May 16, 2018

Plant Buying

Over the weekend I went to Peacefully Belly's annual Freaks of the Garden plant sale. I've also been going to all the nurseries/garden shops and have lots of little plants!


I've been slow/lazy with my gardening and did not start any seeds, the only plants I'll be growing are ones I have purchased. This is one reason I bought some fun red pumpkins. (The other is my love of pumpkins, especially crazy looking ones, and my "need" to collect seeds from every variety.) Besides red pumpkins, I purchased tomatoes and peppers for my future pizza garden and a variety of white flowers for a moonlight garden.

My garden plans for this year include lots of yard beautification projects that I'll be sharing throughout the summer. Besides plant buying, I spent the weekend doing weed removal. The weeds started growing at the beginning of February during our unseasonably warm weather and were basically left to grow and mature and have begun taking over. My goal of getting rid of all the weeds this weekend seems to have been much too lofty and I'm continuing the weed removal this week. Hopefully I'll finish this weekend so I can plant everything!

Next week I'll be back to twice a week blogging, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I feel like I'm not getting enough done with one post a week; at this rate I'll never finish my crafty resolutions.

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