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Jun 28, 2018

50 Cent Chair Makeover

Last Summer or Autumn I found a fun desk chair for only 50 cents. (This was a much faster timeline than my Ikea Bench Makeover.) Obviously I couldn't pass on such a bargain so I bought it and started looking at fabric to make a new cover (this chair had some major paint stains on the fabric that needed to be dealt with). Eventually I found a textured blue fabric that kinda matched the paint on the bookcase next to my desk. Flash forward a few months and I finally started working on the chair makeover! After removing all the staples and doing lots of seam ripping on the cover, over the weekend I got to work cutting the new fabric.


Unfortunately I only bought a yard of fabric thinking it would be enough for this small chair. Guess what: it wasn't enough. The problem piece is the back; it is a curved piece that wraps around the back and arms and is much larger than I suspected. (I probably should have measured the chair before buying fabric.) Anyway, I bought the fabric in Portland and have asked the Mom/Nana to see if the store still carries it. Fingers crossed they do and can get another yard. If not, I'll be on the search for fabric again.


  1. So the mom has sad news to share... the store does not have the same fabric.


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