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Jun 26, 2018

My Red Pumpkin Plant is Probably Dead

Everything is planted, but they aren't all looking good. Of all my plants, the sunflowers are looking the best and I was afraid the birds didn't leave any seeds to germinate this year. As for the other plants, one pumpkin is basically dead and the other isn't looking very good. The pepper plants are looking a bit pathetic (though there is one tiny pepper growing), the tomatoes are doing pretty okay.


Here is the full list of "vegetables" I'm growing this year. (I need to write them all down so I can see what they are later.) I've planted in two of my 3x3 raised beds; one is dedicated to my dying pumpkins and the other is my "pizza" garden.

Pumpkins: (from left to right)
   Speckled Hound
   Rouge Vif D'Etampes (the tiny yellow speck that's probably dead)

Pizza: (clockwise, starting from the upper left hand corner)
   Krimzon Lee Pepper
   Cherry Pick Pepper (has the tiny pepper)
   Krimzon Lee Pepper
   Jersey Devil Tomato
   Sweet Basil
   Coyote Tomato

It turns out only one pumpkin plants I bought were the fun red Rouge Vif D'Etampes pumpkins which really bums me out especially since it is probably dead. I need to pay better attention.


Anyway, that's my garden. Not sure how how any of the plants will do. Is your garden looking better than mine? I hope so!

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