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Feb 7, 2019

Mercury Glass Lampshade

This is the the other plant light/lampshade; Tuesday I shared this macrame lampshade. Today's lampshade is a remake of a previous project fail where I made a faux mercury glass lampshade from an upcycled soda bottle. The fail happened because I had a standard incandescent plant bulb inside that obviously heats up; it melted the plastic soda bottle and the project/fire hazard ended up in the trash. Since I now use LED grow lights I decided I could try this again without risking burning down the house.

Faux Mercury Glass Lampshade

Knowing how poorly spray paint clung to the plastic soda bottle, I only did one and a half coats (the half coat was spot spraying for "texture") of the mirror spray paint. I was less worried about bare spots this time around. The black acrylic paint on the top outside went well again; I did add some hole punches in the top to allow for some air venting. It turned out great until I tried to put the LED light bulb in...

Faux Mercury Glass Lampshade

Another Fail! My light bulb is too big; I should have probably checked that before starting the project, but I didn't so now I'm looking for a smaller LED grow light that will fit inside.

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