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Apr 30, 2019

Compost Tote WIP

One of my Earth Day resolutions for the year was to make a new smaller compost bin that I could have close to my house because I'm too lazy to walk my food compost all the way to the big compost bin. I got a good start on it Sunday with the help of my dad.

Wooden Sleeve Compost Tote
Wooden Sleeve Compost Tote

I was convinced to continue to use a plastic tote, but we built a wooden shell to keep those harmful UV rays from disintegrating it. The plastic tote I'm using was previously used for storage and was no longer being used so I'm counting it as an upcycle. And the wood was all scrap pieces or leftovers from previous projects so I've spent a total of $0 so far on my new compost tote! I plan on staining it to help it last a long time; hopefully I have enough leftover stain from when I redid my deck!

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