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Sep 24, 2020

Pumpkins are all that matter

It's officially autumn and I'm starting to clean up my garden. Tuesday I moved the pumpkins to my porch and then I forgot to take photos of any other garden stuff so I'll just tell you about the pumpkins that grew and maybe give an update on the other garden things soon. I started my pumpkins from seeds that were collected and grew four different plants. The most exciting update from my last post is that I have two big pumpkins instead of just one!


The other pumpkins that grew were two of the flat white kind, one little possible sugar pie type that was labeled mystery seed, and five of these red-orange turban crosses that were labeled green warts (two of these were lost to rot, a third was not pictured, and that little tiny thing in the top right of the picture is likely another that I didn't count). These red-orange pumpkins are the most interesting to me since they were labeled green warts and their bottoms have a bit of that extra turban pumpkin growth (not pictured, see previous post). Were the seeds mislabeled or is this the product of a turban pumpkin and one with green warts?

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