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Dec 31, 2020


Tomorrow is the start of a new year! I will be celebrating by cooking a yummy dinner, smudging my house, and possibly getting pants drunk. What about you?

We are starting off this post with a recap of how well I did not complete my 2020 resolutions. The three crafty type goals for the year were to learn a new knitting technique (I didn't even try), practice my watercolor painting (I did almost four paintings), and finish the quilt (my pieces are still not all cut out). Anyway, that was the past, we are not going to dwell on not completing those goals, I've got new goals for the new year!


My 2021 Crafty Intentions are:

Try a Paint by Number Kit
Just in the last few weeks I've really wanted to try a paint by number. I have never done them before probably because they mostly don't really match my style, but I have found some cute ones and think it would be a fun project. I haven't bought a kit yet and will be keeping a lookout for sales, but if you have any suggestions or recommendations, let me know!

Practice Watercolor Painting
This is a carry over from last year, but a little different. Last year I wanted to repeat the same style over and over again to try and improve that way. This year I'm going to paint 12 things and share one each month. I haven't figured this goal out more than that so if you have any requests, I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll gift that painting to you!

Finish These Works in Progress
I have a list of seven projects that were never completed and I'm going to try to get them done this year! They are: the denim quilt, the alligator/crocodile blanket, the sunshine shawl, the leopard hat, my Netherfield tote, my garden tool bag, and a sundial. These are all in varying stages of completeness, some could be done in a day, others will take longer. 

Lets see how well I do!


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