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Dec 29, 2020

December Photos Week 4

It's the last week of the year and the last of the weekly December photos posts. Last week was nice although it would have been much more nice to be able to spend time with other loved ones. For Christmas I got a huge puzzle board which will let me puzzle on the kitchen table (or wherever) then easily put the puzzle away when I need to use the space for something other than puzzling. I also got a new puzzle and am very excited to complete it, though it is much more difficult than the puzzle I completed before Christmas.


Jeremy, my little Scotch Pine is looking so nice with a dusting of snow. I got it in October and it already seems like it has grown. It may be my imagination though because it has been V cold outside. Jeremy is a dwarf cultivar and is only supposed to get up to four feet after ten years. Since it will reside in a container I'm curious how large it will grow.

We made wagon wheel cookies! I know other people call these chocolaty cookies crinkles, but we use my Mimi's ( my great grandmother's) recipe and she called them wagon wheels. Plus wagon wheels sounds better than crinkles. Anyway, they were just the right amount of chewy and tasted delicious!

Check out this hilarious 'rug' my coworker got! It was such a delight to see; I love a cryptid!

The afore mentioned Christmas time puzzle. We started off trying to be speed puzzlers like in that movie, Puzzle with Kelly Macdonald and Irrfan Khan, but we are not even close enough to be competitive. It took us two sessions, maybe three and a half hours, which is quick, but not speedy.

Boba! I made some boba tea last week and I really should do it more often because I love it and making it at home is way less expensive then buying it from a shop and I don't have to leave the house if I make it here!


  1. Awh, Jeremy is so cute! You made bobba?! I swear you can make anything.

    1. I just bought the tapioca pearls and boiled them...


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