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Dec 24, 2020

Santa Ice Cream Cake

While reading Meg & Jo by Virginia Kantra for Craft Book Club I decided I needed to do something holiday food related because in this version of Little Women, Jo is a food blogger who works in NYC. I'm definitely not a storyteller like her or real life food bloggers, but I did make a fun ice cream cake inspired by a vintage Santa cake I saw. This Santa follows my classic ice cream cake recipe with a brownie base, a layer of fudge, some crushed Oreos, and both chocolate and peppermint ice cream. To decorate I used whipped cream from a can and some candies. It's got that kind of creepy look that vintage treats have, I think it's the eyes; I do think the nose is pretty cute though.

Santa Ice Cream Cake

I was struggling to get a list of books together for next year, so I'm just starting with one. A lighthearted/funny book was in order since life is a bit of a struggle and I don't want to read anything that will make me sad right now so our first book of 2021 is Tweet Cute by Emma Lord!


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