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Jan 17, 2023

Garden Plans

A large portion of my 2023 Crafty Intentions were about the garden! This year I want to expand my gardening space by building three more raised beds so I don't feel inclined to plant more pumpkins in the lawn. I also want to use this space to grow cut flowers! Last year I subscribed to a flower CSA and am continuing that again this year, but I want more flowers inside and growing them myself is more cost effective. For my future flower growing plans, I bought lots of flower seeds and dug up, divided, and am storing dahlia tubers so I'll have more plants and even more flowers!


The other big thing I have planned for the garden is adding a cold season cover to protect one of the beds from frost so I can grow greens year round! I've finally decided on my design and purchased the support material so I can get started on making this row cover soon. I'm excited to share it with you, see how it works, and plant lots of seeds!

What have you got planned for your garden?

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