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Jan 3, 2023


I'm keeping up with the tradition of listing my crafting intentions for the year and sharing a recap of the previous year's resolutions. First, the recap of 2022: I didn't complete a single one of my 2022 crafting intentions.

Now on to the 2023 goals! Did I absolutely fail at my 2022 resolutions? Yes. Will that stop me from setting a bunch of new resolutions in 2023? Hell NO! I've made a list of specific projects I want to do this year along with a little list of blogging goals since making things "just because" doesn't suit me any longer. I don't want to make something that will not be useful or enjoyable to me or another so I will only be making things with that thought in mind. Before I share my lists, a pretty hydrangea I saw a few weeks ago:


My 2023 Crafty Intentions are:

In and For the Garden
  • Make a cold season cover for a vegetable bed
  • Build three more raised beds
  • Grow greens year round
  • Grow a cut flower garden

Using Oil Pastels
  • Do this a lot!
  • Share Photos every other week

Completing In-Progress Projects

Blog Stuffs
  • Back to twice a week blogging
  • Share more photos and take more photos to share
  • Fix the email subscriptions since it is unreliable

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