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Feb 9, 2023

Chair Makeover Progress

I'm making more progress on my resolutions!!! The chair makeover is once again underway! I bought more than enough fabric and finally found the pattern pieces in one of the many boxes that have not been unpacked since my move. I'm quite pleased with past Kelly because she had enough forethought to realize that I would never figure out how to put the pieces back together so labeled them quite clearly with what attaches where. Just look at those clearly labeled letters! 

Reupholstered Chair WIP

The current status of the chair: all the pattern pieces are cut out and the back is pinned and ready to be stitched. I started pinning the seat to the back, but got a bit confused about how everything will wrap around the chair so I stopped until I'm finished sewing this part. (The colors in the photos are different because they were taken at different times of the day.) I'll be finishing this up right away so I can use it instead of a stool when sitting at my desk! I can't wait to sit in it!

Reupholstered Chair WIP
Reupholstered Chair WIP

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