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Feb 21, 2023

Sowing Seeds & Garlic Shoots

Since adding the row cover, I've sown some seeds! Spinach, beets, radish, and kale were direct seeded on the seventh. They haven't started germinating yet, but the garlic I hastily planted in November just before the ground froze have sent up their shoots! We should have lots of garlic this summer. The rhubarb is popping up too!


While planting garlic in November, I dug up the dahlia tubers and they sat in the garage until I finally divided them in January. We are down to three varieties because the tiny flowered dahlia plant had only a few tubers that all rot. The other three varieties were divided and stored layered in straw which turned out to be a horrible idea because I checked on them and they were moldy! I did an emergency wash (swished them through some soapy water) and are storing them rolled up in plastic wrap. I've checked on them once since they've gone back into storage and they looked perfectly fine. I should give them another look soon though. Hopefully I get a few of each variety to grow, they were starting to bud when I noticed the mold so I did a decent job of dividing.

Another January project that I recommend completing much sooner was collecting seeds from my pumpkin patch selection. I'm saving your eyes from the horrible moldy pumpkins that should have been composted much earlier. I had to look at pictures of the pumpkins I had taken in October to identify them because the molds turned them much different colors. I do have 16 new packets of pumpkin seeds though and I am curious what their pumpkins will look like.

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