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Apr 8, 2010

Ready to Grow

This week, with the help of a friend (thank you Tyler) I made my garden plans a reality:

my garden without plants

The pumpkins will go in the large section along the bottom/right. It isn't quite to my original specifications (I am not very good at eyeballing measurements), but they are close enough. The wood was from pallets and were exactly the right lengths for the paths! How lucky is that?

Marigolds and other flowers are next on the planting schedule - I will keep you updated on the garden's progress.

PS. You have until Tuesday to enter to win the Moleskine I am giving away. Remember to leave a comment!


  1. What is the first direct planting? Spinach and lettuces or should I say leafy greens? It looks great, can't wait for harvest time.

  2. Chelsea's plants are finally starting to come up. We have to figure out a little garden area for her in the backyard. It probably isn't going to be as organized and planned out though as your garden area!

  3. Looks good kelly! you got it all organized :)


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