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Nov 17, 2016

Resolutions Update

Since the end of the year is quickly approaching, I thought I'd check on the status of all my 2016 Crafting Intentions. Currently I would score an F, but might get myself to a B by the end of the year.


My three obtainable goals for the year were to 1) start & finish the knitting projects for which I have yarn; 2) go through my fabric stash; and 3) start & finish other projects for which I have supplies. Basically, use what I have on hand.

I'm doing the best with my knitting projects; I have finished two of the five (Air Shawl and Heads Will Roll Shawl) and should have two more finished by end of the year (I decided that I didn't need the crochet trivets and am adding that yarn to my stash). It seems as though I may have prioritized other knitting projects or under estimated the amount of time needed to knit them.

The fabric stash evaluating has not happened; I pulled some for the basket apron earlier this year and used scraps for the boot forms, but other than that the fabric has been ignored. I've been doing bits of tidying the craft supplies this year, this weekend I'm going to go through the craft room using Marie Kondo's method of magic tidying! I'll probably be getting rid of a lot of fabric

Two of the other projects I identified were quick Crafternoon projects (wood burned trivets and embroidered gloves). I did make tiny rubber stamps from some erasers to use in my houseplant guidebook, but I've done nothing with the pistachio shells or tiles.

That totals 4.5 out of 11 projects, a dismal 40%. After finishing the two other knitting projects, going through my fabric, and maybe completing the pistachio shell and tile projects I would have 9.5 complete, raising my grade to 86%. I'll have to work pretty hard and do a craft "cram session", but I'm a B student and will get it done!

How are you doing on your resolutions? I am doing worse on my non-craft related resolutions; I have read way more than my 25 book goal, but haven't learned any new banjo songs or memorized the presidents of the united states.

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