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Apr 13, 2017

Some Seedlings

My carrots are still alive! After all the snow and my cold frame collapsing I figured they were goners, but the little roots are really growing and are likely close to harvest time.


Another exciting garden thing is my sunflowers reseeded! The birds weren't very diligent about eating the extra seeds so I've got little sunflower seedlings!


The only seeds I've started are sweet peas (flowers) and a variety of pumpkins. The sweet peas have sprouted and one of my pumpkins seeds has too! Hurrah! The pumpkins are in my cold frame with the carrots, keeping safe from the frost.


Not much other gardening news, I collected seeds from all the tomatoes I grew last year, but I think I'm skipping tomatoes this year since I haven't started them yet. I'll probably be shopping at all the local nurseries for my plants and I need to make a plan so I don't spend too much money.


  1. I put out my seeds that sprouted, but I think they died. This weather has been cold. Your plants look like they are doing well!

    1. They are doing well. I haven't put out my little seed bombs yet.


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